Max 15 Web pages Approximated to do.    
    *To Display Stall Ads by Customers/Clients for the their business promotion
*To Display Products & Sales Profiles for the clients for their business assistance
*To Promote their EXCLUSIVE WEBSITE through our focused Products & Items Display Ads
    *Account for Client & Products Profiles will be maintained
*Account for Client & Products Profiles URL will be maintained on charging minimum
*Products/Items Profile for Each, Client will be Charged
    *Payment Gateway for Net banking/Credit card  should be maintained for Each Country    
    Client Form, Product Form Login/Logout/OTP/Password Web pages    
    Home Page Display Ads Rotating, by Country/State/Region/ Location Chosen By User    
    Links to Client Account Signup/Login
Links to Clients Business Information  Web Page
    Display Clients and/or Products Information on Activation/Deactivation    
    Payment Gateway Integration    
    Contact : +91 (0) 9703799800    
    Anantapur, AP, India