Online Project Objectives – Online System Administration -Draft.


To Provide Facilities Through our Online System, for Stall Events Organizing Administration for Place Clients, Organizer Clients, Stall Clients and Subscriber Clients on Participating, through effective management for Specified Categories on Items/Products.

To Provide Facilities for Place Clients to utilise their Space effectively, by providing availability to the Organizer Clients, for Organizing Stall Events in the Districts of Region, in the country, by providing Formal Process for Stall Events.

To Provide Facilities for Organizer Clients as Connectors/Executives/Organizers for managing administration on our Online System, to deliver required categories of items/products through Stall Events, to our Subscriber Clients requirements.

To Provide Facilities for Stalls, to maintain Stall Profile sharing to Organizer Clients and/or Private/Public for Categories of Items/Products/Services selling through their Stalls to the Stall Events or Regular Online/Tele Orders. To provide options to participate on Stall Events, Raised by Organizer Clients in Districts on Region.

To Provide Facilities for Subscriber Clients, to know the Items/Products sales from Various Stalls, To order at Stall Events and/or Online and/or Tele/Mobile and/or an Exclusive Showroom.

To Prepare Models/Categories of Items/ Products Exclusive for Stall Events Organizing Online System on Organizer Clients needs in regions of State/Country through an effective team of System Organizers.

To Suggest Organizer Clients, about scope of Stall Events in a District / States on Models/Categories of Items/Products.

To make available required/specified items/products to the Subscriber Clients, by viewing/matching Stall Clients Profile of Districts/Regions/States/Countries.

To make sales models as Stall Events, Online Orders, Tele/Mobile, and Exclusive for Subscriber Clients Orders Convenience.

   To promote culture among regions/states of a country, by selling different categories of Items/Products through encouraging Stalls Participation from different States in a Country.

To Create Opportunities with Place Clients, Stall Clients, Organizer Clients in different districts for sales on Stall Events, Online, Tele/Mobile and Exclusive Promotions

To Schedule Stall Events in various Regions & Districts, for Subscriber Clients Surveys & Requirements analysis.

To Schedule Stall Events in various Regions & Districts, for Market Demands & Deliveries.


To make availability on Exclusive Online Stall Events, Exclusive Stall Services provided, in the District/Region/States. There by increasing awareness of Stall Services, through System Organizers or/and Organizer Partners, who will conduct Online Stall Events.

To Create Awareness on Stall Events, Online Sales, Tele/Mobile Sales & Exclusive Sales.

To work with Introducers/Initiators to online system, as a media on organizing clients.

To Promote Online system for Categories on Organizer Clients Correspondence for Stall Events Sales, Online Sales, Tele/Mobile Sales & Exclusive Sales.

To Create Exclusive Sales environment for Various Accessories/Items/Products/Gadgets on Periodic Basis on new Collections/Arrivals for the Stall Events.

To Create Tele/Mobile/Email Sales Environment in Various Districts/Regions/Country, for on go needs whenever required, by choosing a home delivery channel, irrespective of distance from Stall Clients by Organizer Clients deals, through Stall Events in various Districts/States.

To Create Online Sales Orders Environment for Subscriber Clients for our Stall Clients on Online System through Organizer Clients.

To make it available about the Items/Products Awareness, for all individuals on Clients Profile to the Online System on Public/Private Stall Options.

To Make Systematic Pay Options to the Stall Clients, on Item/Product Awareness on Utilizing for the Services preparation.

To make Advertising about Stall Items/Products, on our reputation of Portal Marketing.

To make Advertising about Organizer Clients, on our Exclusive Stall Events Marketing.

To make Advertising about Stall Clients Services, on our reputation of Portal Marketing.

To make Groups of Interesting Stall Services, on our Online System Modes.

To make Groups of Interesting Stall Items/Products, on our Online System Categories.

To make availability on Accessing Stalls online, Stall Services delivered in defined duration.

To Display Modes/Categories of Stall Clients, for Chosen Districts for Subscriber Clients.

To Share Stall Clients Services info, for different Districts or States in the Country.

To Share Stall Clients Services info, for different Towns in the District of a State in a Country.

To provide all relevant facilities on updates to the Clients to ourOnline System in Versions.

Place Clients, Organizer Clients, Stall Clients & Subscriber Clients are in Focus to System.


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